Xamarin launches major update to its cross-platform development tools

Xamarin, the cross-platform development platform Microsoft recently acquired, is holding its annual developer conference today. No developer conference would be complete without a large number of announcements and Xamarin — almost as if to show that the Microsoft acquisition hasn’t stalled its momentum — is launching updates to almost all of the core features of its platform today.

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Microsoft wants you to know that booting to desktop is kind of a big deal in Windows 8.1

When Microsoft announced Windows 8.1, the update brought many enhancements to the platform, including the ability to boot to desktop. While this is a nice feature for those who need it, it’s not something that is typically marketed by the company.

Why? Well, for one thing, the boot-to-desktop feature should have been part of Windows 8 from the beginning and shows that Microsoft has backtracked away from forcing the modern environment on its users.

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